EuroCave Premiere Double L – 356 Bottle

The EuroCave Premiere Double L wine cellar contains 356 bottles in dual zones. Check the Data tab to see all the features that this superior wine cooler has to offer!

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Bottle Category

Bottle Capacity

Temperature Zones

Bottles in Zone 1

Bottles in Zone 2

Temperature Zone 1

Temperature Zone 2

Cooling Mechanism

Interior Lighting

Shelving Material

Door Construction

Door Handle

Reversible Door

Security Lock



Dimensions H-W-D


The EuroCave Premiere Double L contains 356 bottles in a dual temperature zone wine cellar.

Your wine is protected with a security lock. The door front is solid to protect your wine. The shelves have eloquent wood trimmed faces. This is a free-standing unit.

See all the details on the Data tab.

Besides the EuroCave Premiere Double L, the Premiere Collection comes in 3 other sizes: the Premiere S with 74 bottles, the Premiere M with 141 bottles, and the Premiere L with 178 bottles.